Service Network  
  Vehicle Servicing, Maintenance and Repair

1link Service Network provides the complete answer for the service and maintenance function, through the definition of supplier networks, service booking, electronic authorisation and payment processing.

It is the only true alternative to pushing paperwork backwards and forwards between fleets, dealers and service centres, and will deliver massive financial benefits to your business by minimising invoice rejection by using a completely paperless invoicing process.

1link Service Network will save you time, resource and money by removing the need for job coding, reduce authority calls, banish paperwork and automate resource-heavy processes. All in all this system will give you better control and deliver a massive reduction in the cost of processing.

1link Service Network can deliver service and work bookings for any fleet electronically through the on-line repairer directory. What's more is that on-line electronic work authorisation and invoicing will improve your cash flow.