Vehicle Network  
  Vehicle Procurement and Sales  
1link Vehicle Network has quickly become established as the de facto standard for vehicle selection and ordering in the automotive industry.

It is enjoying widespread success and usage within leading fleets, and hundreds of franchised dealerships. It provides an electronic trading platform, bringing vehicle purchasers and suppliers together in a new and innovative community. 1link Vehicle Network has been critically acclaimed by the fleet industry mainly because of its ease of use and the efficiencies it brings by completely automating the vehicle sourcing and purchasing process. Furthermore, it delivers tangible benefits to your business through the substantial savings you will make in time and resource.

Those purchasing vehicles benefit from a completely automated and electronic system, including up to date information on every make and model, extensive standard fit, optional extras and colour choice details. It also contains comprehensive pricing information on manufacturer bonuses and your agreed vehicle discounts. Enquiries and orders are submitted and tracked electronically, thus ensuring that mistakes are avoided and you are provided with a complete log of all of the key events.

For the dealer, the 1link Vehicle Network enables you to accept and respond to vehicle requests in a structured, effective manner, and delivers a powerful customer communication tool to your desktop. With so many leading fleet and contract hire companies recognising the huge benefits of using 1link and utilising it for their vehicle ordering needs, it’s easy to see why it has been so widely accepted by the franchised dealer community.